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Dara Shikoh Library
Submitted by sarfrazyusuf on Thu, 22/03/2007 - 22:37

Dara Shikoh LibrarayDara Shikoh Libraray

Located within the grounds of Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, near the General Post Office, is the Dara Shikoh Library of the Department of Archaeology. The building is of immense historical importance as it was built by Shah Jahan's liberal intellectual son and chosen successor, Dara Shikoh, and was later used as a residence by Sir David Ochterlony, the first British Resident of Delhi. Sir Ochterlony renovated the original building of Dara Shikoh and added the pillars and the verandah to the older structure.

In fact the present library was one of the rooms used by Dara Shikoh and if one looks carefully enough, one can actually make out the difference between the architectural designs of the interior (Mughal) and exterior (British) of the building. Even though the building was greatly damaged during the 1857 war of Independence, one can still imagine the grandeur and opulence in which the first British Resident lived in Delhi, by taking a tour of the majestic building.

One could also take a look at the Kashmiri Gate, one of Delhi’s oldest surviving gates, which is situated just at a stone’s-throw distance from here.

Address – The library is situated on Lothian Road, right next to the Kashmiri Gate Post Office

How to Reach – The best way to reach here would be to take a Metro to the Kashmiri Gate station. One could also take a bus going towards Kashmiri Gate or hire an auto.

10am – 5pm (Open all days)
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