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S.P.M. College (Univ. of Delhi) presents Annual Music Festival
Submitted by DelhiLive Associated Network on Tue, 24/11/2009 - 00:25
Thu, 26/11/2009 - 10:30
S.P.M. College (Univ. of Delhi), Punjabi Bagh (West) presents Annual Music Festival featuring Santoor recital by ‘King of Stings’ Pandit Bhajan Sopori (Santoor Legend and Music Composer)


on 26th November 2009 (Thursday), 10.30am

S.P.M. College (Univ. of Delhi),

Punjabi Bagh (West), Road No. 57,

New Delhi-110026.

Ph.: 011-24625652, 23414666



·         A Living Legend and a Musical Genius Pandit Bhajan Sopori is more than an individual – a performer and composer par excellence, musicologist, teacher, writer, poet, and an extraordinary human being – he is a complete institution in himself. Regarded as the cultural bridge of the State of Jammu & Kashmir and the rest of the country, Pandit Bhajan Sopori is hailed as the “Saint of the Santoor” and the “King of Strings”.

·         The mystic master is the bearer of a rich musical legacy of the fabled ‘Sufiana Gharana’ of Kashmir, the exclusive traditional Santoor family of the country. He was born in Srinagar (Kashmir) into a family of musicians and was initiated into Santoor playing by his grandfather Pandit S. C. Sopori and later by his father Pandit Shamboo Nath Sopori, hailed as the ‘Father of Music’ in the State of Jammu and Kashmir.

·         Pandit Bhajan Sopori, the Santoor Legend and Music Composer, has been the pioneer in establishing the Santoor on national and international platforms as a complete solo instrument. The quiet and unassuming maestro has come long way since he created history by being the first person to play the Indian Classical music on the Santoor way back in the early 1950s. In his five decades of dedicated work he has explored various dimensions of the Santoor, carrying out many path-breaking innovations.

·         A highly learned person, Pandit Bhajan Sopori has done his Masters degree in both the Sitar and the Santoor besides having a Masters degree in English Literature. He has also studied Western Classical Music at Washington University, USA.

·         Pandit Sopori is the only classical musician to have composed music for more than 5000 songs in various languages of the country including Persian, Arabic, etc. He combines a profound knowledge of music and musicology and has carried out immense research on Naad (sound) and ‘sound therapy’. One of his highly commended albums on ‘sound therapy’, “Naad Yoga on the Santoor”, was released by a pharmaceutical company.
Nov 26 2009
Start: 10:30
End: 10:30
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