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Amod Kumar Kanth to contest from Sangam Vihar
Submitted by Spartacus on Sun, 16/11/2008 - 20:58

Former police officer Amod Kumar Kanth will be contesting on a Congress ticket from Sangam Vihar in the Delhi assembly elections scheduled for November 29. His main opponent will be S.C.L. Gupta of the BJP.

Sangam Vihar, which is the largest slum cluster in Delhi, is dominated by people from UP and Bihar. The Congress feels that Amod Kanth’s Bihari background will give him an edge in this area.

Amod Kanth left the police force only a year ago, after having served in the Indian Police Service (IPS) for 33 years. He won the President’s Police Medal for Meritorious Service and handled several high-profile cases. 

He has been working as a social activist and helping the people of Sangam Vihar through his NGO Prayas. He says that the people of Sangam Vihar know him and he has been able to connect with them.

He says that moving from police officer to activist to politician is a logical progression for him. Joining politics will allow him to work on a larger scale to help underprivileged children, women, and migrants. Amod Kanth says that there will be no change in his attitude towards the problems he has been dealing with, and he will act as an agent of change.  
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