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Submitted by Abdullah on Tue, 13/11/2007 - 22:40
Delhi’s nightlife is all set to split at the seams with hip clubs waiting to throw open their gates. Kuki is a brand new but very welcome addition to Delhi’s lagging club circuit, Kuki infact is a chic club-cum-lounge. Kuki, a funky three leveled space in Greater Kailash II brings sexy back with its mod interiors and groovy electro music and is drawing Delhi’s rich and famous people in droves; expect to shake a leg with some famous names when you are there.

It’s raining butterflies at Kuki. Large red, Plexiglas ones, suspended from the very high ceiling, printed on the walls, waiters’ uniforms and coasters. The theme only makes sense when you learn that Kuki means “orgasm” in German. The butterflies at Kuki symbolize a free-floating feeling you experience once you are inside.

But Kuki’s USP is its music more so because it’s co-owned by the famous DJ Rummy and its uncluttered interior allows for plenty of dancing. When you are at Kuki expect to hear lots of funk and disco, punctuated with a few retro pop hits.

Kuki sees the maximum rush on Saturday, and you will find the ground floor filled to capacity, so try to get a space on the first floor, where DJ’s console is also stationed. DJ Rummy himself mans the console on Thursdays; Wednesday is ladies night at Kuki.

Drinks at Kuki are a bit pricey but worth the money spent cocktails such as Long Island Iced tea for Rs. 400, apple mojito and appletini both priced Rs. 360 each will not disappoint you. For the Beer lovers there is Paulaner Hefe Weiss, a must try for Rs. 400 a pint.

Kuki’s got its basics right with great ambience; sparkling washrooms and good service and not too forget great music.

So just pull out your blue suede dancing shoes and hit the floor.


E 7, Greater Kailash II,

Masjid Moth Commercial Complex

Phone: 29225241
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Guest wrote The entry is 2 grands and at 09:24:48 PM on December 22, 2007

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The entry is 2 grands and its not at all worth it.u get 2 drink coupons btw(limited choice though).music is gud,but then hardly ne dedicated dance floor.can miss it.
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Guest wrote experience... at 12:55:00 AM on September 19, 2008

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its just 3rd class club..they allow couple entries only as if its the only club in delhi...the Royal Mirage in crown, delhi is much more bigger and cheaper than Kukis...shame on Kukis...

Guest wrote the 'kuki' name must be change at 02:45:43 PM on April 26, 2009

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this name should be change bcoz kuki is the name of a famous tribal group in using this name'kuki' for an entertaiment hall,we re disrespecting the kuki people who lives in the north easten part of our country.its our duty to respect and maintain the dignity n integrity of every person in the country.this name 'kuki' for dancing n drinking place must be change.
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Guest wrote DISREGARD AND NON RESPECT TO THE DIGNITY OF TRIBES at 01:12:35 PM on September 16, 2009

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The name kuki should be immediately change or abolish by the founder of the club. The founder may not know the meaning of 'Kuki' coz he is an educated person who don't know tribes of the nation and as such violating the fundamental right of citizens by disrespecting the dignity of the tribes.
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