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Enjoy contemporary living in your small room
Submitted by neha. on Wed, 11/11/2009 - 12:14
Today, every individual has his favourite place in the house amongst other rooms, for him to enjoy playing cards, watch TV or maybe just relax on the couch. People living in bungalows, villas or big houses could have a number of options, which isn’t possible in small houses. Nevertheless, you can always try making even your small room look much elegant and stylish by adopting just a few designs for small spaces. With this, your small room will not only look comfortable but also quite spacious that you might have never imagined before. The following tips on colour schemes, flooring, lighting, furniture and decoration of your living room designs would surely help you in bringing life to your small yet favourite room.

When you think of decorating your room, the first thing that strikes your mind is the interior wall painting. People generally prefer light pastel shades for small spaces. At the same time, you can also try using contrasting colours for your small living room. You can have two sides of the wall painted with one colour, and the other two sides can be painted with one colour. Or, you can also make a unique design on the wall, keeping the background colour lighter. Do not fill each wall with designs or decorations to avoid making them look sluggish. You can make the colour scheme look even more eye-catching by using your own creative painting techniques.

Flooring is another crucial factor one cannot ignore. You can use a contrasting colour scheme between the wall and the floor to give the latter a contemporary look. Floors done up in contrast with the wall make up for a unique distinctiveness and liveliness in the entire room. Make sure if you opt for contrasting colour scheme for your flooring then each wall in the house should be of the same colour.

Did you know lighting is one such way to make your room look extra spacious and bigger? When placed in the right direction, lighting helps make your room look large and airy. Different light fixtures can be used for decoration. Lamp shades can be placed to complement the look of the room. Your room can look even brighter with dramatic home lighting system.

Many people think that the smaller the pieces of furniture in the room, the more spacious and bigger the room will look. This is so not true! Small pieces of furniture would rather cram your living room. However, large furniture would make it look spacious. You can always look for furniture that also has storage facility where you can put your unwanted stuff and make the room look cleaner. A couch bed or a table can be used as a multipurpose tool for dining, for instance. Look for sofas and chairs without arms to save space. You may also consult a professional interior designer who can help you in changing the look of your room every quarter.

Besides the above, you can always take help of various decorative items available for living room designs and decorate them with your personalised items, such as, personalised photos, gift items and so on. This would surely give your living room the elegance and the style you have been longing for.
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