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Must Have in Women Footwear
Submitted by Delhi Live on Tue, 27/04/2010 - 19:45
High Heels
High Heels
Canvas Shoes
Canvas Shoes

We all are mere mortals who need a sense of comforting in everything we do to make our living worthwhile because after all we work hard and party harder. Then why not do it in style

We bring to you the Top 5 styles in Women footwear’s:

1. Black Pencil Heels: Well nothing can overshadow the colour black but merely black overshadows all. Black is one colour that needs no introduction. Black high heels are good for a formal meeting as well as an event. Best suited to make that long lasting impression, especially when it gets accompanied by your little black dress!
Where to get them: These can be found in stores like Debenhams (Ambience mall), Shopper Stop, Pantaloons etc.

2. Flip-Flops: Flip flops have come a long way from the time we recognized them as Nylon chappals. The days of nylon chappals have gone and now arrives the new avatar known as the flip flops. Flip flops are best suited for that casual outing with friends or just to catch  a nice stroll in the park. Now available in multi- million patterns, colours, shapes and sizes. It can go with your cute polka skirt from Sarojani market or your newly brought shorts from Janpath. It’s also recommended for a daily tread to college as it’s comfortable and makes you look stylish without an effort.
Where to get them: Markets like Kamla Nagar and Sarojini Nagar have lots of varieties of these.

3. Ballerinas: Ballerinas are pretty much in this summer as they are cute, simple yet give the sophisticated look. They are easy to slip in and take off. As they are flat in nature they basically have no drawbacks of hurting your back. Ballerina’s are worn by women of all age groups and so they are liked by almost all.
Where to get them: They can be easily found in the most sought after showrooms and the local markets like  Janpath.

4. Canvas shoes: Canvas shoes are one of the most loved shoes of all times. They give a sense of comfort and protectiveness to your feet. Excellent for long walks, gym sessions, aerobic classes and even for short treks. Most loved canvas shoes are by Converse which is available in plenty of colours and patterns.
Where to get them: They are available easily in almost all shoe shops and are extremely economical.

5. Regular Heels: Heels for women are like own miniature dresses for the feet. Every woman has at least two pairs of heels which give her the height and style for every occasion. The beauty of heels is that they are fit for every event and for every kind of clothing. Right from ethnic wears to formals, dresses to casuals heels cover it all.
Where to get them: Comfortable and pretty heels can be found in GK-1, Lajpat Nagar, Rajouri Garden malls.

Mantra to buy footwear is as good as investing money; you need to invest your money in the right place to achieve results from it. Don’t buy footwear if you are just buying it for the sheer look of it and not comfort. Just follow these three simple Ss: Stuff, Style and Soothing to your feet.

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