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Perfumes for Men & Women
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A pleasant smell always entices everyone. A full fledged personality is incomplete without good smelling perfume or scent. Perfume is a mixture of different fragrances and aroma oils and reveals a nice aromatic feel when applied. It keeps your presence alive even in your absence.

Looking for some nice perfumes that compliment your personality and suits the occasion? So try this guide about some popular perfumes for men and women.

Perfumes for Men

Davidoff Cool Water - Nice perfume with lasting qualities.
Its lighter sweet notes make it ideal for day and the muskiness makes it excellent for evenings. Its cool fragrance gives you a refreshing feel with the hint of lavender and amber. All these qualities make it an ideal to wear perfume while going to pubs or discos or a night outing.

Davidoff Cool Water Man Cool Summer - A blend of marine accords, aquatic notes, geranium, teak, amber, musk and sandalwood. Davidoff Cool Water Man Cool Summer is an excellent fragrance especially formulated for summers.

Acqua Di Gio for Men - A soft, refreshing scent with masculine aroma.
Although this refreshing scent is not too strong, still it lasts all day long. If you like the flower fragrance, it is a must buy for you. This expensive and popular scent is quite revitalizing but not overpowering at all.

Calvin Klein Euphoria Men – Generic smelling fresh fragrance.
 It smells quite good with a little bit of citrus, light florals and some woods but lacks in longevity though. Pick this refreshing scent and experience a pleasant smell of citrusl.

Black Code/ Armani Code by Giorgio Armani - First masculine oriental-style fragrance.
Black Code is a decent oriental perfume and a great wear for the evening. This classy male fragrance is best during autumn and winter season but still don’t expect much for longevity.

Aqva Pour Homme by Bvlgari - Light and refreshing perfume.
Aqva Pour Homme is a green fresh fragrance with the top notes of Mandarin and Petit Grain. Base notes of amber and Clary Sage make it quite sensual and vibrant. The pleasing sharp heart note has much longevity and ideal to use during summers. If you are a constant admirer of generic fragrance, try it for sure.

Perfumes for Women

Lacoste’s Touch of Pink – Young and fresh girly perfume.
Lacoste’s Touch of Pink is a light floral fragrance blended with a hint of lemon. This subtle fragrance does not last too long but is still noticeable and good. It is ideal perfume to wear in spring and summer.

Calvin Klein’s Obsession Women - Classic and strong fragrance.
Combination of orange, peach and spices make it smell stronger and bolder. It is one of the long lasting perfumes with rich and vibrant feel. Moderate amount of Obsession smells good but it starts overpowering if applied much. It is just perfect fragrance to wear for evening outings.

Calvin Klein’s Eternity Women - A subtle fragrance of florals.
Romantic perfume with traces of stylish feminine aroma is just perfect for any occasion. Its exotic appeal makes it an ideal fragrance for evening wear and some really special occasions. This sophisticated and classy perfume lasts for several hours after wearing.

Hugo Woman - Crisp and fruity fragrance.
Hugo woman is a good fruity perfume without heavy floral aroma. Although the fragrance is quite light, longevity is what you can count on. This sweet smelling youthful scent can be used every day without thinking twice.

Boss Intense by Hugo Boss - A pure floral and fruity perfume.
Boss Intense is a true floral and fruity perfume which feels quite feminine with the notes of vanilla, orchid and amber. This long-lasting fragrance is just perfect to wear for any evening out.

Acqua Di Gio for Women – A popular and refreshing perfume.
This popular perfume smells quite refreshing and elegant. It feels like the fresh smell of flowers with a touch of ocean breeze.  Its mild lingering fragrance makes you feel good but this selection is also an expensive buy like Acqua Di Gio for men.

Follow this precise popular perfume guide and feel good at any occasion.

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