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A sea beach in Delhi—unbelievable yet true
Submitted by rajrishi on Wed, 01/04/2009 - 19:40

A sea beach in dry, dusty landlocked Delhi can only be a fantasy of a daydreamer. Projects that appeared almost impossible a few years back are taking shape in the capital thanks to the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

Both the Delhiites and the tourists will be able to enjoy lolling about on the sands of a sea beach. Of course, it would be an artificial beach made up of sands flanked by sea waves.The project will come up opposite the Akshardham Temple in east Delhi close to the Games Village.

This news, which was given by the South African hotlier, Joe Majola, should have, in fact, come from the Tourism department of the Delhi government. Protocol apart, it is a surprisingly welcome development. The state government is expected to corroborate the announcement sometime next week.

The project shall be built on the design of the artificial beach in Sun City Johannesburg in South Africa. The beach over there has a “retractable roof with visuals of the sky and clouds.” The proposed sandy stretch would be 100 meter long and the sand for it would be brought from Jaisalmer in Rajasthan.

The sea would be 50 meter deep and have around 200,000 gallons of treated water. “The air temperature will be kept at a balmy 23º C, and the water temperature at 20ºC. “The wave-making machine, Roaring Lagoon, will produce a 1.2m wave every 90 seconds,” said Majola. The visitors would enjoy “breathtaking rides that will include the Temple of Courage, a hair-raising drop down a 10m chute.”

The beach will be opened to public one month before the commencement of the Commonwealth Games. The proposed entry fee shall, as expected, be high. It shall be Rs 2,000 per adult and Rs 700 per child. The ticket shall include meals coupens as well.The management of the project will be handed over to a franchisee after six months in return for an annual fee.

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