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Water Scarcity in Delhi—an update
Submitted by rajrishi on Tue, 18/03/2008 - 14:34

Come summer and Delhiites start feeling a weltering sensation in their stomachs. They start talking water and rightly so. A blame game starts between the government of Delhi on one hand and the governments of Haryana and UP on the other.

 There is no doubt that water scarcity is a standing problem for Delhi, but people at large, especially the politicians do not openly come out why the problem gets aggravated more and more as the time passes.

Once, Shiela Dixit, the chief minister of Delhi, had the temerity to point an accusing finger at the ever increasing population of migrants to Delhi as the real cause of so many problems that plague the capital. She was attacked right and left for her opposition to the people of Eastern UP and Bihar coming to the capital. Every part of India belongs to every Indian, she was reminded.
The CM had to beat a hasty retreat.

 But the stark truth is that lakhs of people come to Delhi every year and defeat all the government’s planning and efforts to control traffic congestion, space shortage, pollution, power shortfalls and water scarcity.

The latest update on water situation in Delhi comes directly from the horse’s mouth. Arun Mathur, CEO DJB, is confident that the DJB will go from strength to strength and tide over the present water crisis.

According to him, all the initiatives to ensure the availability of safe and potable water for all the citizens of  Delhi are in place. One of the key projects is the construction of recycling plants at the existing water treatment plants, Haiderpur, Wazirabab, Bhagirathi and Chandrawal. These plants are likely to be commissioned between April and September this year and will add around 40 MGD of water. With the completion of the parallel lined canals from Munak to Haiderpur, another 80 MGD of water will be added to the existing capacity.

The Nangloi Water Treatment plant which produces 20 MGDof water despite its capacity of 40 MGD is due to get an increased supply of water from Haryana thanks to the intervention of the Central Water Commission and the Supreme Court orders.

An MoU with the UP government will recoup the shortfall in the capacity of the Sonia Vihar Water Treatment plant.

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