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Picnic Spots
Submitted by smnthsai on Sun, 27/08/2006 - 21:16

Delhi is a planned city with well laid out gardens and parks. Most of the parks and gardens such as the Nehru Park or the Lodhi Garden attract the picnic crowds on hot summer days or cool winter mornings. Visitors from different parts of the country and the world marvel at the greenery which forms a canopy in different parts of the city and make a beeline to these places to lounge under the trees and eat their food out of a basket!

The Residency Rewari is situated on the Delhi-Jaipur highway and is about 90 km from Delhi main. It has been newly renovated with a new swimming pool along landscaped gardens, tree-lined paths and mustard fields. This is an ideal destination for a full day picnic stay. It also has several restaurants serving a variety of food like Japanese, Italian and Mexican cuisine.

About two hours away from Delhi central, the Brindavan Country Club came up just recently with beautiful lawns and deluxe room facility. This resort can be used as both day picnics as well as weekend getaways. There are several recreational facilities like swimming, horse riding, camel riding etc.

Situated very close to Gurgaon is the Wet & Wild resort. It offers both a water park as well as residential facilities including a bowling alley. It offers professionally managed conference and banquet facilities with capacity up to 500 people. There are several swings and slides for children to play on outside and several lawns where one can arrange a private party.

RCC, Gurgaon; Oasis, Behror; Classic golf resort, Gurgaon; Heritage Village, Manesar; Golden Huts, Rewari and Damdama Waterbanks are just few of the other resorts, perfect for picnics and family outings, just in and around Delhi. They are all just less than 100 km away from Delhi and a long drive followed by a relaxing day is just wonderful after a long hectic week.

So, picnic spots are plentiful in and around Delhi. You have to only chose the place in accordance with your mood!

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Guest wrote worst water park WET & WILD GURGAON at 10:55:40 PM on June 9, 2008

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this is the worst water park i have ever visited in NCR. to begin with they doesn't allow u to take ur food inside and the meals offered inside are too expensive without the quality. then u can't rent the swimming costumes u need to buy them, this is the trap they have laid after driving 50 kms from delhi when u come to know u can't rent the costumes u have no other choice but to buy that too at thrice the price. then the pools are not at all higenic and too dirty. and last of all the beer is being sold inside so the goons get drunk and misbehave with the families. so over all ur dream one day holiday becomes a real nightmare once u reaches this place i will not in my dreams recommend someone this place. please forward this to as many people u know or tell these if someone ask u to suggest bout this park, so that noone else is cheated like i'm. sumit agrawal noida
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Guest wrote Thanks Sumit at 09:47:51 AM on March 4, 2009

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Thanks Sumit, for the valuable information. I think people must share their experiences with the places they / other talk about. Its actually very useful ! - Arun
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Guest wrote Worst Park - Wet & Wild at 01:17:00 PM on March 29, 2010

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Guest wrote thanks sumit at 11:42:09 AM on October 1, 2010

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thanks sumit
in fact i was planning to go for this week end but after knowing your views i have decided not to visit this worst place.

Guest wrote thanks sumit at 11:44:55 AM on October 1, 2010

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thanks sumit actually i was planning to visit this place but thanks for your valuable information.

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