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Razia Sultan’s Tomb
Submitted by sarfrazyusuf on Wed, 14/03/2007 - 22:29
Located near Sitaram Bazaar in the Bulbuli Khane locality of Old Delhi lies the tomb of Razia Sultan, the only woman in history to have ruled over Delhi. Her tomb is located on a raised platform in the center of a courtyard along with the grave of her sister Saziya. It is said that her brother and successor Behram Shah built this tomb here soon after the death of Razia. Apart from a prayer mihrab in the western wall, the courtyard has two more small graves in the southwestern corner, probably of children, also unknown to the world.

Nominated by her father, Sultan Iltutmish, as the next Sultan of Slave Dynasty, Razia Sultan ascended the
Delhi throne in 1236 AD and ruled successfully for three years. She was a woman of great determination and courage. Dressed like a man, she used to ride on horseback with her bow and quiver and directly communicated with the common people. But her rule did not last for long as she fell victim to a conspiracy that eventually took her life.

She was killed in 1240 AD when she was out of Delhi, suppressing a revolt by one of her nobles. She was captured there and later killed at Kaithal in Karnal district of Haryana. It is said that she was even buried there and her real grave still lies there. The main reason for the conspiracy against her was that the Turk nobles were unable to digest the fact that a woman was ruling them. Though they were successful in their conspiracy at that time but history will always remember Razia Sultan as the only woman who ruled over Delhi.

Address – Located at Bulbuli Khane, east of Kalan Masjid, near the Sitaram Bazaar, Old Delhi

How to Reach – The nearest Metro station would be Chawri Bazaar. One could also take an auto or bus to get here.

TimingsSunrise to Sunset (Open All Days)
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Guest wrote Razia Sultan’s Tomb at 11:50:42 PM on September 27, 2008

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Razia Sultan’s Tomb Post the picture shot of Razia Sultan you took of this place ?
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